Positive Beauty case study

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I was engaged by Cathy from Positive Beauty to help her with the photos for her website, online presence  and ads; and I’d like to use this photoshoot (the shoot) as a case study so other business owners can understand the process.

The Brief:

  • Action photos to showcase her services; mostly massage, skin care and training (workshops).
  • Make sure that all photos showcase her products and highlight the fact that they are custom-made in-store.
  • Showcase the facilities.
  • Website photos, including: head shot for her about-me page, photos for each service she provides to be used on her work-with-me page and individual service pages.
  • Social media photos, including: banner type photos to be used in ads, as well as action photos to share.
  • Images need to fit with the branding colours as much as practicable possible.

It was very important for Cathy that all photos reflect reality. Basically avoid the “this is not what the photos show” or “you look different in the photos”.

The solution (tailored package):

Based on the Brief given, a glance at the current online presence, and some general questions like timeframes, expectations and scope of work, I gave Cathy a turn-key package.

The turn-key package included:

  • All final photos retouched as per agreed list of photos (the shot list).
  • Two professional models for the action shots
  • One hair and makeup artist to do the hair and make-up for the client and models
  • One Stylist before and during the photos.
  • Preliminary site visit to assess the condition and staging the premises

This meant that Cathy was free from all the burden of dealing and scheduling multiple people, leaving her time to focus on her business.

Please note: because each brief will be different, I don’t list indicative or pre-made package prices on my website.

The preparation:

All Cathy had to do in terms of preparation was to do some minor adjustments to the decoration of her studio and block one full day on her agenda.

Myself on the other hand, arranged the model casting, booked the hair and makeup artist, prepared the moodboard and shot list, arranged the Stylist, and explained to Cathy how the shoot day will be and what she needed to do to complete the shot list in one single day.

I also developed a colour palette to be used with the Stylist for the staging of the place (so you will notice on the photos the predominant white/blue  with a hint of orange/yellow).

The shoot day:

8:00 am – the Stylist and I arrived to stage her studio so everything will be on brand for the photos and set up the photography equipment.

9:00 am – the make-up artist arrived to start working with Cathy. While that is happening, I’m taking photos of the premises and preparing for the headshots and banner photos, also, the models arrive.

9:30 am – Once Cathy is ready for the headshots, the models jumped in with the make-up artist while I took the banner and ads photos, we also snuck in an action shot.

10:30 am – When one of the models was ready, we moved into doing the action shots, while the 2nd model is with the make-up artist.

11:00 am – the 2nd model joined us for more action shots.

12:00 pm – one of the models and the make-up artist are free to go, and the rest of the team take a break. Lunch time!

12:30 pm – the fun continues taking action photos of Cathy performing her skincare services.

Once the action shots were completed, we cross-check against the shot list and seek Cathy’s approval of the photos before moving on and having the last model leave.

3:00 pm – We are almost done, just a few more photos for the workshop ads and we are done.

4:00 pm – Shot list is complete and approved, I helped Cathy to tidy up and clean, I packed my stuff, sat down for a quick chat and off I go.

Three days later, she got the final photos and is ecstatic. Another happy client!

As you can see, all pictures have a consistent feeling (relaxed, peaceful, natural beauty – Cathy’s brand) and will ensure all her website and promotional material has a consistent on-brand look.

If you would like to discuss about photos for your business, please contact me.